General conditions

IMPORTANT NOTE - COVID19: Due to the current pandemic, Totiaran has taken more flexible measures for reservations with dates of stays during 2021. Please see the Covid-19 Exceptions mentioned below.


  1. When making the reservation on our website, the system will ask you for your complete information, you must provide all of them to validate that it is a legitimate reservation and that the owner is the one who can modify and cancel the reservation.
  2. Avantio Payments - payment system: When making the reservation, the system asks for a payment card to link it to your reservation. The pending payments that your reservation requires will be charged to this Card. Depending on the season (High, Regular, or Spring-Summer) payments will be automatically charged on the dates according to season. In any situation of non-payment, the system will send you an email to remind you.
  3. Authorization of charges on the linked payment card: When making the reservation you automatically authorize Totiaran S.L. to make the charges of pending payments to your payment card and you give full agreement with your bank and/or payment entity, that by linking your card in the reservation system, you give full consent that pending payments be charged. ; in addition to charging you any extra you buy online, in your reservation.

Payment Rules According to Season and Cancellations

There are 3 seasons for payments: In Winter: 1) High 2) Regular & 3) Spring-Summer


  1. High Season: For stays from December 26 to January 06. From February 16 to February 28.
    The system will charge you:
    Step 1: 50% when booking
    Step 2: 50% balance: 42 days prior arrival date
    Cancellations in the High season: Up to 42 days before your arrival you can cancel and the total amount paid will be refunded, discounting the 3% of the payment transmission rates. Refunds are made within 5 business days, to the same card with which you paid.

2. Regular  & Spring-Summer Season: All dates of stay outside the winter High season

The system will charge you:
Step 1: 25% when booking
Step 2: 35% 20 days before your arrival on
Step 3: 40% On the day of your arrival
Cancellations in Regular Season: Up to 15 days before your arrival you can cancel and the total amount paid will be refunded, discounting the 3% of the payment transmission rates. Refunds are made within 5 business days, to the same card with which you paid.


After the cancellation period in the seasons mentioned above,  and only for Covid19 issues, you can cancel at any time.  We will refund your complete payment discounting 3% of fees in the following cases:

a) Mobility restriction: If the Government has prohibited outbound mobility in the city where you reside or from entering Baqueira and if the Ski Station close.

b) If one of the occupants of the accommodation has Covid-19: you must send a medical certificate. (Remember that the member must appear in the reservation with the online check-in)

c) If the holder of the reservation or spouse is health personnel: If it is requisitioned by a medical center, you must send a receipt.

Currently, due to pandemic issues, online check-in is mandatory. You must do it up to a week before your arrival date. Otherwise, you will not be able to benefit from the exception mentioned above for cancellation by Covid-19

3. Spring - Summer Season: From June 1 to September 30.

They are the same as those for the Regular Season.


4. Dates of mixed stay: If your reservation has dates of both seasons, the payment policy will apply on the start date.

5. Reserve States

  1. Reservations on request: When you choose dates and they are not available, the website allows you to send an email to Totiaran to request availability. Totiaran will respond to you as soon as possible.
  2. Confirmed Reservation: When you make the reservation, the system automatically charges the first payment and you will immediately receive a confirmation email with your locator number.
  3. Paid Reserve: When all payments have been issued.
  4. Canceled Reservation: This system can cancel a reservation due to non-payment. You can always request the cancellation of your reservation via email.

**  Grace Period: In the first 24 hours sharp, if you have made your reservation if you want to cancel it, you can do so; You just have to send an email and 100% of the reservation will be returned in the same payment channel. In this period, the system could also cancel your reservation if it has been accepted by mistake.

 6. Payment methods: The system only allows payments with a Credit / Debit payment card in the Avantio Payments online payment gateway (Amex is not accepted). If the system has faults, you can always call the offices +34.973 64 47 87 to be able to give a card and charge you through our physical POS, or via online virtual POS.

  7. Security Deposit: Any reservation implies the payment of a security deposit. The deposit will always be paid by credit card, with the last payment. The refund of the deposit will be made from 72 hours from the day of departure. In case of reserving a house, from the 4th. day. The times are always from when you return the keys to the offices and / or notify us of your departure.


8. Accommodation: They are not allowed, except for cancellation by Totiaran. It is not allowed to change accommodation.

9. Increase the number of nights: You can request it, it will depend on the dates available in the calendar.

10. Eliminate number of nights: Only 42 days in advance and will depend on the minimum stay rule. Please take this into account.

11. CREDIT BONUS: Totiaran may give these bonuses in the following cases:

a) For the spring - summer season 2020 (05/01 to 09/30): If due to Covid19 issues you canceled at the last minute, (after 5 days before your arrival) we can give you a credit voucher for the total amount paid so that it can only be used in a new reservation.

b) If in this winter 2020/2021 the holder of the reservation will be officially confined under medical certification; You can request a credit voucher.

12. No - show: If you do not show up on the day of entry, you will be charged the total amount of the rental with extras as a penalty. This applies to any of the 3 seasons. Returns and refunds are not allowed.

13. Cancellation requests must always be requested via email.

14. Cancellations by Totiaran: With a minimum of 60 days of your arrival date, Totiaran may cancel your reservation, notify the client and refund 100% of the amount charged.

15. Cancellations due to weather conditions or illness or any circumstance are not accepted. It is recommended to take out travel cancellation insurance. Any cancellation, such as those caused by force majeure, will be subject to our clear and simple cancellation policy mentioned here.

16. After receiving the confirmation email, if due to force majeure the home is not suitable (Breakdowns, damage to the accommodation, or any other) and the reserved accommodation cannot be offered, TOTIARAN undertakes to offer another of the same features and price in the closest available building. If the client rejects this option, they can cancel their reservation without any penalty and Totiaran will refund 100% of the amount paid.


  1. The complete list of house rules are inside your guest intranet. Please gcheck all details to avoid any incident.
  2. If you lose or do not return a parking card, €50 is deducted for each one.
  3. If you lose or do not return a set of keys to the accommodation, you will be deducted € 70 per set.
  4. If you lose or do not return keys from a locker, €50 will be deducted. If you lose or do not return a Pleta de Nheu guide card, €50 will be deducted for each missing card.
  5. Bringing a dog or any animal to theproperty you rented without the prior approval of Totiaran is penalized. If you bring one, you will be breaking the rules and will lose 100% of your deposit. We kindly ask you to avoid incidents.
  6. Upon arrival at the house, during the first 24 hours you must report any imperfection / incident that you find, by phone or by whatsapp (with photo) to be able to go immediately to solve it. If you leave we find a breakage, an email will be sent with the photo of the incident and it will be automatically deducted from the deposit.

Please avoid incidents and respect the proper use of the house to avoid any penalty.


1. When making the reservation, you will receive a confirmation email where you will find access to the "Guest Intranet" where you must register and then insert all the data of the DNIs for Spanish and / or passports for non-EU citizens; of each of the members of the reserve. It is mandatory to check-in online on the Guest's Intranet, otherwise you will be automatically penalized with € 50 of the deposit. Due to the circumstances of the pandemic, please check-in online.

2. Inside the Guest Intranet you will find all the rules of use of the house. Make sure to follow them strictly.

3. The entrance to the accommodation is from 17:00. Departure is at 11:00 hrs.

4. Key collection: You should always collect them at the Totiaran offices. The return will always be at the offices except for the accommodation located in the towns of: Tredos, Arties, Unha, Salardú, Bagergue, Gessa and Vielha, where you must notify that you leave the keys inside the house.  If you don't return the keys before 11am. The late check-out amount will be automatically deducted from the deposit. We ask to avoid incidents.

5. Key collection out of hours: If you collect the keys after office hours, you must notify at least 3 hours in advance to send you directions by WhatsApp where to pick up the envelope in our mailbox next to the office door.



  1. You can buy any extras at the time of booking and also within your Guest Extranet.

  2. The purchase of: Extra parking, extra ski locker, Firewood Pack, Late Check-out service and daily cleaning, may be subject to availability and will be confirmed via email.

  3. Extra Parking and Extra Lockers purchases are subject to the days of your stay. If you need fewer days, call the offices +34 937644787 to be able to attend your order.

  4. You can cancel the purchase of services only up to 24 hours before your arrival date, after this time refunds or cancellations are not allowed. Please respect these rules to avoid incidents.

  5. Ski equipment rental purchases: You always have a 25% discount on the rental of any type of ski equipment at our Totirent Ski urgent store.

    If you buy a ski rental set for a number of days, no changes or refunds are allowed for unused days. If you want to cancel your purchase, you can do so up to one day before. Everything will be returned to you. After this time refunds are not allowed.

  6. Ski courses: When making the purchase online Totiaran processes its schedules and tickets and then sends them via email. The courses have a 10% discount for booking with Totiaran. Cancellations are only admitted 48 hours before the date of service.