General conditions



  1. When making a reservation on our website, the system will ask for your complete data, you must provide it in order to validate that it is a legitimate reservation, and that the owner is the one who can modify and cancel the reservation.

    Reservation and States

1. Reservations on request: When you choose some dates and they are not available, the system issues an email to you and Totiaran, to communicate your availability request. Totiaran will get back to you with the availability, price and reservation.

2. Confirmed Reservation: When the dates are available and you make the reservation, the system will ask you to settle down the 1st payment by credit card and then, you will receive a confirmation email with your Reservation Number.

3. Paid Reservation: When the 2nd payment has already been issued. You will receive an email reminding you to make the 2nd payment. This payment will also be made online, a link will be sent to you where you must make it.

4. Reservation Canceled:  The system can cancel a reservation for non-payments. Grace Period: In the first 24 hours of making your reservation, if you want to cancel it you can do so, you just have to send an email and 100% of the reservation will be returned to you in the same payment channel. In this period the system could cancel if your reservation has been accepted by mistake.


  1. Payment methods: The system only allows you to make payments with an online Credit Card, VISA or MASTERCARD only through our  security online system. If the system has failures you can always call our office at +34.973644787 to be able to use a card through our physical POS, or via online virtual POS.


  1. Initial payment amount: Depending on the date of the reservation and the time in advance of your arrival, when making the reservation, the system may charge you 25% of the total, 50% or up to 100% if it is very close to the arrival date.


  1. Deposit: All reservations implies the payment of a deposit. The deposit will always be paid by credit card when making the reservation. The refund of the deposit will be made after 72 hours from the day of departure, when you return the keys in our offices.


There are two seasons: High and Regular.


  1. High Season: From December 26th. to 06 / Jan. and from 20 / Feb. to 10 / Mar. 

If your stay falls on those dates you must pay 50% at the time of booking and the remaining 50% 30 days before your arrival date. The system will send you a reminder email to make the 2nd online payment, through a link to make the payment secured by Redsys. After that date, the system may cancel your reservation for non-payment.

  1. Regular Season: The rest of the dates are outside the high season: If your stay falls on those dates, you must pay 25% at the time of booking, and the other 25%, 15 days before your arrival. The system will send you a reminder email to make the 2nd online payment, through a link to make the payment secured by Redsys. The remaining 50% must be paid on the day of entry, at our offices.
  2. Dates of mixed stay: If your reservation has dates for both seasons, the payment policy will apply on the start date.




  1. Changes and cancellations are accepted 6 weeks in advance. if it is a change to decrease the number of nights 95% of the payment will be returned; If it is a cancellation, it will be the same. You will be deducted 5% for management costs caused by the cancellation and / or modification itself. After 42 days no changes are accepted to reduce days neither cancellations.

  2. You cannot change ownership: if you want to change you must cancel your initial reservation, pay the cancellation fees and make a new one.

  3. Cancellations after 6 weeks and / or no - show: No returns or refunds are accepted.

  4. Cancellation requests must always be requested via email.

  5. Cancellations by Totiaran: With a minimum of 60 days from your arrival date, Totiaran may cancel your reservation and notify the customer and refund 100%

  6. Cancellations are not accepted due to weather conditions or illness. It is recommended to contract a travel cancellation insurance. Any cancellation, such as those caused by force majeure, will be subject to our clear and simple cancellation policy mentioned here.

  7. After receiving the confirmation email, if due to force majeure (such as accomodation damage), meaning the reserved apartment or house cannot be offered, Totiaran undertakes the responsibility to offer another apartment/house of the same characteristics and price at an available building nearby. If the customer rejects this option, it’s entitled to cancel the reservation without penalty and with a 100% refund.


1. If you lose a parking card, € 50 will be deducted for each one
2. If you lose or not return a key bag, € 70 will be deducted
3. If you lose or not return the keys to a ticket office, € 50 will be deducted

4. Bringing a dog or any animal to the tourist accommodation is prohibited, if you bring one breaking the rules and we learn about it, you will lose 100% of your deposit.

Please avoid incidents and respect the rules to avoid any penalty



  1. When making the reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. In that email you will find the access to the Guest Intranet where you must fill in all the details of all the members of the reservation. Please enter the ID / Passport data of each one.

  2. In the Guest Intranet you will find the house rules. Please make sure to follow them strictly.