Valid until 01/05/2020

When you book your accommodation with Totiaran, we give you a 25% discount on all ski equipment rental at our Totirent Ski Urgent store, located next to our office. The ski shop offers rental packages of 2 days, 3, up to 8 days, all prices at a discount. You can also rent the complete set or just the boots or skis, and also accessories

Reserve your skis, fill out this form so that your order arrives from all the material for you and your friends, so that we can process it to have it ready to your arrival.

You can pay for the material inside your guest extranet or by calling us (+34 973 64 47 87) to insert it in your extras to your reservation, or else when you arrive in Totiran.

Remember that you should always pick up the keys of your accommodation in our offices, and upon arrival you can stop by the store to collect the ski equipment that you have requested in the form.