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All of our apartments and houses in rent have a traditional design and decoration of the Aran Valley, but are equipped with everything you need to feel at home at any time of year.
¡The best apartments and holiday homes of the place!

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  1. Subscriptions
    This store does not house or transmit credit or debit card data. The data are sent through a secure and encrypted channel to the PAYTPV platform.
    You may cancel your subscription to the product, at any time, on section "My cards and subscriptions". Your subscriptions shall be displayed and you may cancel them if you wish.

  2. Linked cards
    This store does not house or transmit credit or debit card data. The data are sent through a secure and encrypted channel to the PAYTPV platform.

    Security policy
    All transaction information transmitted between this website and the PAYTPV systems is encrypted using 256 bit SSL certificates. All owner information is transmitted encrypted and all messages sent to the owner servers from PAYTPV are signed using SHA hashing to avoid tampering. The information transmitted to PAYTPV servers cannot be examined, scanned, used or modified by external access to confidential information.

    Data encryption and storage
    Once the confidential information is in the PAYTPV systems, it is secured using 1024 bit encryption standards. Encryption keys are kept in volatile high security systems with double authentication, which makes their extraction impossible. Banks, safety officers and banking institutions conduct regular audits to ensure data protection.

    System security
    The PAYTPV systems are reviewed on a quarterly basis via specific ISO tools, an independent Quality Security Assessor (QSA) and an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV), through payment card brands. PAYTPV is also audited on an annual basis according to payment card industry data security standards (PCI DSS) and is a fully certified Level 1 payment service provider, which is the highest level of compliance.

    Links with banking institutions
    PAYTPV has several private links with banking networks that are completely independent of the Internet, which do not cross any publicly accessible network. All owner information sent to banks and all authorisation messages sent as a response are secured and cannot be tampered.

    Internal security
    PAYTPV is subject to production environment access control audits. The CPD where the systems are hosted are Tier III-compliant data centres. This ensures that security is never jeopardised. There are sophisticated alarm systems, CCTV surveillance and security guards with 24/7 coverage of the premises, with rigorous monitoring and maintenance. All transaction and client card information is secured and even from our own employees.

    Disaster recovery
    PAYTPV has backup systems hosted in different countries to ensure optimal system security and high availability. It also has a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery policy.