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Toti Arán offers the services you need to fully enjoy your stay in the Valley. Baby-sitters, taxi services, equipment hire, reforms... We solve all your everyday problems so you can get the hundred percent of your leisure time.

BabySitters in Baqueira Beret, Aran Valley

Trusted Babysitters. The best care for your sons

Go to the snow with the youngest ones is always a rewarding experience. Kids love the snow and parents always enjoy seeing how their little dwarves are making their first steps skiing or snowboarding. But at times, children cannot keep up a whole day of skiing like their parents and do not want to get on the slopes, finish their classes or simply are too young to practice winter sports.

For clients of the houses and apartments of Toti Arán, this is never a problem. In Toti Arán we have an exclusive service of professional baby-sitters with an extensive experience in the care of children who will be responsible of the kids while you enjoy a perfect snow day.

It is often difficult to find a confidence baby-sitter in a holiday environment as can be Baqueira Beret and the Aran Valley. However, with Toti Arán you do not have to worry about anything. We will put you in touch with a professional team of baby-sitters of total confidence and endorsed by ourselves.

Our experience of over 10 years in renting apartments and houses in Baqueira Beret and the Aran Valley, has made our to manage for detecting by the pass of the time the main needs of our customers. Anyway, in Toti Arán we have thought of you. Either way, our professionals have selected the best baby-sitting services, responsible and experienced in child care, so you do not have to worry about anything during your stay in our homes and apartments.

If you leave your children with someone you trust while you go on the ski runs, you do your daily tasks or fail to learn a little more about the Aran Valley, our professional hourly-paid baby-sitters will be at your disposal.

If you need these services, just tell us. We will contact the baby-sitter for the day and the time zone you need or you can also contact her for your comfort and confidence. Our specialists will be happy to stay in the care of the youngest of the house.

Toti Arán, any facilities at your disposal

In Toti Arán we know everything you need to have an unforgettable snow experience in the Aran Valley. For this reason, in addition to offering our services of houses and apartments rental, in Toti Arán we take care to provide any additional services to your stay.

Besides the services of hourly-paid baby-sitters in Baqueira Beret, with Toti Arán you will have access to repair your skis and snowboards in Sky Urgent, rent your sports equipment with a discount in 'Deportes J.Moga', order a taxi for your displacements to the slopes or anywhere in the environment of the Aran Valley, book catering breakfast, lunch or dinner or even request our services of fridge filling in your apartment so that, when you arrive home, you can have fresh products in your refrigerator bought on the same day.

In our website you can also have a comprehensive guide of the Aran Valley to make your visit to Baqueira Beret a much more complete trip. If the day on the ski runs is not good or there is not enough snow, do not hesitate to consult, you will definitely find many other activities of your liking in the area.

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