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The stay BaqueiraBeret, declared as a center of national tourist interest, is the biggest winter resort in Spain. It is located in the Aran Valley, province of Lleida and center of the Pyrenees, a mountainous area of high altitude and steep slopes which offers one of the most spectacular views of our geography, both in winter as in summer.

Hiking routes in Baqueira and the Aran Valley

The best routes for hiking

Although the snow leaves, in the Aran Valley still remains a lot of activity during the rest of the year. Any season is good to approach and enjoy an exceptional natural environment in the Catalan Pyrenees.

Many of the people who rent our apartments and exclusive homes in the Aran Valley are hikers, among other mountain sports. Therefore, in Toti Arán we have prepared a small guide with hiking trails you should not miss if you want to truly enjoy nature in its purest form.

The waterfall of 'Saut deth Pish' from the Plan des Artiguetes

Tour: 1.2km

Difficulty: Low

At the height of the village of Pont d'Arròs, we drive the track that will take us to the Plan des Artiguetes, from where we will begin the route. The liveliest, can start the hike from the same point, which will lengthen your itinerary up to 12 kilometres.

Once in the Plan des Artiguetes, we begin walking the hill towards the waterfall of Saut deth Pish in the beautiful, narrow valley of Varradòs populated by dense forests of beech trees and firs. After crossing the bridge of Varradòs, we will head on with a signal that we must keep to the left heading towards the waterfall.

The Saut deth Pish is the more representative water falling of the Aran Valley and is formed by two waterfalls. The main and the most spectacular throws water from about 20 metres high, while the smaller does it from just 5 metres.

This tour that will not take you more than an hour is perfect to go with children or elderly. No need to be equipped only with comfortable clothes and shoes for the mountain.

Artiga de Lin and Uelhs deth Joèu

Tour: 3km

Difficulty: Low

Artiga de Lin is one of the most natural sites of the Aran Valley, full of hazel nut trees, oaks, firs and beech trees. The route that we propose by the area is a circular one hour or hour and a half excursion that will take us next to the river Joèu (Uelhs deth Joèu), to the shelter of the Artiga de Lin and Pomèro waterfall.

To reach the starting point, we will take the paved road to the valley of Joèu river from the village of Es Bòrdes. 7 kilometres later, we will leave our vehicle in the parking of the Uelhs deth Joèu.

Along the way we can enjoy the spectacular waterfall of Uelhs deth Joèu, we will cross a metal bridge ascending along a path with steps of trunk, we will turn next to the shelter of the Artiga de Lin and we will finish with the Pomèro waterfall. As it is a circular route, we will end at the same starting point.

This route is a little longer, but there will be no problem to enjoy with the family.

Bassa d'Oles and forest of Varicauba

Tour: 0.7km

Difficulty: Low

Easy and short route suitable for all ages that surrounds the small lake of the Bassa d'Oles through the thick forest of firs and red pines of Varicauba. Even make it ideal for mountain biking because it joins two circuits widely used by lovers of the two wheels.

To reach the Bassa d'Oles by car, we take the paved road which runs through the forest of Varicauba, starting from the village of Gausac.

Besides walking, you can take advantage of this environment to spend a really entertaining day with family, playing or picnicking.